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A Message From The Managing Partners At Bauhof & Buchholz, LLC:

We're proud to announce that Brad Bauhof, Esq. and Brandon Buchholz, Esq. have joined forces to form Bauhof & Buchholz, LLC. Brad has been proudly serving Central Maryland's legal needs since 1993 and Brandon is dedicated to providing the same or greater level of service to the next generation of Maryland residents.

With the advent of the newly formed firm, you can expect even higher peace of mind that comes from working with trusted lawyers. They are quickly expanding throughout the area and are making a name for themselves with the results they're getting for their clients.

With their breadth of legal knowledge, Brad and Brandon are committed to serving the legal needs of their neighbors and others in the community. Their unique level of care and attention to detail is evident from all that they do. They look forward to building relationships with their clients beyond the transactional nature of most legal matters.

Schedule an appointment today if you have a pressing legal need, or follow us on social media to stay current with all things Maryland Esquire.

What You Can Expect From Working With Us:

No Nonsense

We get straight to the point and describe complicated legal situations in terms that are easy to understand so you always know what's going on

Worry Free

"Hire Peace Of Mind" isn't just our tagline - our job is to make your life easier by professionally handling life's unexpected complications


At the end of the day, you're hiring attorneys to get you results. Whatever those results may be, our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with our work

What Areas Of Law Do We Practice?

Divorce & Separation

If you have a family related matter that is proving too difficult to resolve on your own it is important that you speak with an attorney so that you protect your rights and don't make matters worse.

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Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime in the state of Maryland it is important that you speak with an attorney prior to talking with an investigator or the State’s Attorneys’ Office.

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Personal Injury

If you believe that you have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity it is important that you speak with an attorney.

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Trusts & Estates

If you believe that you have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity it is important that you speak with an attorney.

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Business Related Matters

The issues that arise when running a business are limitless... Even if you aren't in immediate need of counsel, having an attorney that understands your business before situations arise is the ultimate peace of mind and cost effective solution.

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The true test of someone comes not when the way is easy but rather when the situation is dire. Finding someone to rely on, to depend on when the skies are darkest has become a difficult task. I have had occasion both personally and professionally to see Brad Bauhof perform in times of need both great and small and it is been my distinct pleasure to recommend his firm to friends who have need of his services. Without fail, anyone whom I've ever referred has been incredibly thankful and pleased with their experience.

John G.

Accident Client

I'm not exactly sure where to begin.  I had been involved in an ongoing divorce case for years that was at a minimum a legal nightmare.  A close friend of mine recommended me to Brad and his firm.  Within a short period of time Brad and his team acclimated themselves to my case and began cleaning up years of legal fires, putting them out one by one.  Brad is by far the most professional courteous and kind attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  In the court room he has the keen ability to know when to be the gentle giant or the aggressive bulldog.  Not only do I recommend Brad and his team, they have my business for life!

Theresa T.

Divorce Client

Excellent experience!  Brad was a pleasure to work with and showed great depth of knowledge in all areas as we started our new business.  From purchasing the property, creating a LLC and providing  guidance with regard to Carroll county and Maryland state regulations, Brad was someone we felt completely confident with and his staff were always friendly and helpful.  Highly recommended Brad for any of your legal needs.  Five out of five stars.

Royer House

Corporate Client

Meet Our Team

Maryland Attorneys and Legal Professionals

W. Bradley Bauhof, Senior Partner

Brad has been practicing law in the State of Maryland since 1993, and enjoys helping his clients through stressful situations and giving them complete peace of mind. 

Brandon C. Buchholz, Managing Partner

Brandon is the managing partner and focuses on the firm's family law matters. He regularly volunteers at the Carroll County Family Law Pro Se Advice Clinic and routinely lectures at Family Law for the People 

Andrew Kiphart, Associate Attorney

Andrew is a recently admitted member of the Maryland Bar.  Prior to being sworn in, he assisted the firm as a law clerk and his practice centers around Trusts & Estates, Bankruptcy and General Practice.

Risa Fisher, Office Manager

Risa handles the majority of the office's administrative tasks and is the main contact for client communications.

Robyn Blank, Paralegal

Robyn keeps the office running smoothly and ensures that deadlines are met, cases get filed, and everything operates efficiently.

Sierra Fisher, Office Assistant

Sierra is an integral part of the Maryland Esquire team. She's invaluable by assisting everyone with the day to day operations and client cases.

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